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Mystery Box - ONE PIECE

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Feel the thrilling return of the excitement and suspense of gift giving as they delve into this whopping box to reveal over $149 worth of goodies inside. Who knows what they’re going to get? Only us. You’ll have to wait until the moment of truth (AKA The Opening) to find out. It’s basically a gift for you as well - the gift of surprise!

You will receive at least 1 out of the items listed below: same order as photo

  • Monkey·D·Luffy Model 1pcs
  • Roronoa Zoro Model 1pcs
  • Nami Model1pcs 
  •  Usopp Sogeking Model 1pcs
  •  Sanji Model 1pcs
  •  Tony Tony Chopper Model 1pcs
  •  Nico Robin Model 1pcs
  •  FRANKY Model 1pcs
  •  BROOK Model 1pcs
  • GOL.D.ROGER Model 1pcs
  • Shanks Model 1pcs
  • Kaidou Model 1pcs
  • Donquixote Doflamingo Model 1pcs


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